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Verge Magazine

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I found this wonderful online travel magazine or e-zine called Verge (not to be confused with the tech magazine of the same name).  Verge is published quarterly.  It switched to an entirely digital format in 2014.  I’ve posted some links to make it easy for anyone to check out their requirements for becoming a contributor; step one of course is to subscribe.

They have some bright articles, but most of them compel readers to upset the status quo by making their travel do more than talk the talk–Verge calls it travolunteerism–the act of going out into the world and volunteering to make a positive difference. Hey rebel, perhaps it’s worth a submission.


Verge Contributor Portal

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Verge believes in travel for change.  International experience creates global citizens, who can change our planet for the better.  This belief is at the core of everything we do.

For ten years, Verge has produced quality events and resources to help people experience the world in a meaningful way, through opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad.

Verge was launched in 2002, in response to increasing interest in international opportunities and the need for a meaningful perspective on the options available. We believe that travelling with purpose is a great thing to do—and the best way to get to know the world. Our aim is to help you get out and make it happen!

In 2008, Verge began to serve subscribers of Transitions Abroad Magazine, which is no longer published.  Verge is now distributed across both Canada and the United States, providing perspectives from both sides of the border.

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